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With single dad David Dean blogging at Living Water

The Living Water project is a safe place for single parents to share their joys and struggles, and more with our wider church family. (Read more…)

Elise Photini’s “Healing Journey” Blog

Here Elise shares more about her journey from paralyzed-by-trauma to thriving single mom. Jump on over to the Elise’s Journey Blog Page for the latest.

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Elise's Journey

I know the struggle to believe hope exists is real because I’ve spent more time on a knifes edge between hope and despair than anywhere else. It was the Light shared with me through other’s experience, strength and hope via books (my first view of life outside my very isolated fundamentalist childhood), men and women speaking…  Read More—Click HERE! …because no longer are hope or despair my only options.

Connect with Elise Photini

Social Media isn’t always our friend….  Elise is determined to share the Light both in person and online. 

A new outreach sponsored by Ancient Faith Ministries, the Living Water blog co-authored by Elise Photini and another single parent, Dean David, is a place dedicated to single parents praying together, praising together.

The good, the bad and the crazy! Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words—or more. The Light shared on Instagram all depends on where we place our focus.  Join me!

Find Elise Photini on Beautiful Way Coach Facebook Page for more on her coaching availability including small groups, private session openings and more. 

Stillness, Prayer, Love and Self Control are a four-horsed chariot bearing the intellect to heaven.
Saint Thalassios the Libyan