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Elise’s Chapter — “A Mother’s Peace: Saint Sophia and Her Three Daughters” in The Grace of Being There

Last updated on May 22, 2022

There is no way to capture the delight of seeing my words in print in a “real” book that has been published by a “real” publisher–let alone the feeling of getting that “real check” in the mail too! Far beyond these very personal blessings is the reward of a new and deep experience with a once-intimidating saint of our faith who is now a dear friend, and the chance to explore that relationship in writing that is proving to not only bless me but others that is the true blessing.

At Park End Books, Summer Kinard has pioneered bringing together Orthodox and Catholic writers in new and powerful ways. Here is how she describes The Grace of Being There : Single Mother Saints in Our Lives

Eight Orthodox and Catholic women who have lived single parent life bring you the fruits of their connection with eight women saints who were single mothers in this encouraging collection of essays. Learn about the Widow of Zarephath, St. Photini, St. Helen, St. Anthousa, St. Monica, St. Sophia, St. Margaret of Cortona, and St. Maria of Paris as their lives intertwine with the lived experiences of faithful women who pray to them for help. Discover the grace of being there from women whose lives show you the God who meets every mother right where she is.


Summer Kinard, Editor

Charlotte Riggle, The Widow of Zarephath

Sandra C. Anderson, St. Photini

Elise Photini, St. Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope, and Joy

Elissa Bjeletich Davis, St. Helena

Elizabeth Gatling, St. Anthousa

Kristina Roth, St. Monica

Carrie Chuff, St. Margaret of Cortona

Angela Doll, St. Maria of Paris

Mary Sarchizian, Illustrator

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