Handwritten quote from Saint Thalassios as in the post

A New Kind of Grit

There is never a lack of advice thrown at us from absolutely everywhere these days. The quest to begin-again in my own heart-voice wasn’t pushed off out of a lack of ideas or concepts. Neither was my artful procrastination whimsical or sentimental. I haven’t remained “tied” to poverty or waiting for the next shoe to drop nor addicted to failure—although any one of those might have been true in the past.

Today I’ve am wrestling with real world decisions such as when to make my bed, whether to drink coffee first or start writing while my cups is still half full and if the “big stuff” will ever make its way onto the page.

Take a sip of coffee and…

The central quote on the front page of my website has unlocked a new kind of grit in me the past few days. Oh I am definitely still running in a tiny circles between excitement and fear of the unknown until I look up and see these words again, and again, and yet again.




and Self Control

Are the four horsed chariot bearing the intellect to heaven.

Saint Thalassios the Libyan

This morning the bed is half made. My coffee cup is barely at half mast. And I am sitting here typing.

I’m not sure how you measure success for yourself but in my world progress is perfection and Grace is imbedded in every step I take. This still surprises me every day. Even in this wobbly step forward where my website still has glitches and I’m barely peaking out from under my bushel I rejoice! Glory to God in all things, especially in my wobbly writerly beginning.

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