• On Writing

    How Nursing School Taught Me To Write

    No matter what “big dreams” effort someone is talking about the number one objection is “I just don’t have the time.” Likely you already know that each of us chooses how to spend our time so I won’t attempt to wax eloquent on aspects of purposeful focus or prioritizing our choices or how taking responsibility (not the same as blame) effects what any one person is capable of doing on any given day. What I do want to discuss briefly is the sacredness of time. Without a vision or a mission Without quoting gurus or experts I can say unequivicolly from my personal experiences that without a goal in mind…

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    On Writing

    A New Kind of Grit

    There is never a lack of advice thrown at us from absolutely everywhere these days. The quest to begin-again in my own heart-voice wasn’t pushed off out of a lack of ideas or concepts. Neither was my artful procrastination whimsical or sentimental. I haven’t remained “tied” to poverty or waiting for the next shoe to drop nor addicted to failure—although any one of those might have been true in the past. Today I’ve am wrestling with real world decisions such as when to make my bed, whether to drink coffee first or start writing while my cups is still half full and if the “big stuff” will ever make its…